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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Healing Rain

We've been in the middle of a drought here in Northwest Oklahoma until about a month ago. Suddenly, finally, blessedly, it rained! And has been raining ever since. It's so delicious to sleep to the sound of falling water and lightning crashes and grumbles of thunder. We've turned off our sprinkler system and our yard looks the best it has all summer.

We were at my parents house in the Oklahoma Panhandle over Labor Day weekend. There had been a large grass fire last winter near them and ever since, the landscape has had the 'desert' look about it--brown grass, brown dirt, blowing dirt.......but now it's beautiful! All green and refreshing with water running in all the draws and creekbeds. The burnt areas are all bright and clean with new grass and prairie plants.

It rained all last night. This morning I went out to pick the paper off the driveway and in the western sky was a beautiful rainbow. It was bracketed with clouds and the moon was in the center. I ran in and grabbed my camera for some pictures and then made Les put on my robe to go out and look!

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