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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Daughter--who's in Romania

Me and Molly--at the airport before she leaves for Romania. Yes. That Romania. The one on the other side of the world!

Our youth minister Mike is leading his 10th trip there and she's wanted to go ever since she heard about it so...of course the word 'no' didn't ever come out of our mouth! Molly's got a real heart for missions and service and we are so proud of her and didn't want to hinder her calling, if that's what it is. Even though we wanted too!

Check out the progress of their mission trip here. I think they will upload pictures daily. We haven't heard from our baby but some of their luggage was temporarily misplaced by the airline. So I'm being selfish and hoping it wasn't hers!

So thanks for praying for her and the rest of the mission team.


Kara said...

we are praying for molly...glad she is so mission minded, you have two wonderful Godly girls! praying for you and les as you miss her!

Anonymous said...

I finally looked at the pics. I got all emotional. What is happening to me. I know you were shy, I believe you, I do! But... you've come a long way baby!

Becky said...

I just remember how hard it was when they drove away in the car for the first time, can't imagine sending them to the other side of the world. Molly is such a neat girl. We're praying for her and the entire team. They'll be home quickly. I also wanted to add - I loved the last post (just read it). Maybe someday I'll write about my first paying job, it lasted one day!

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