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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Smile Because You Are My Sister!

Happy 41st birthday to my beautiful sister, Paula. What would I do without my sisters?

Who else would I reminisce with about our hair disasters? Nice flips!
Or how horrid it was to sleep in rollers so you'd be beautiful for picture day?
Who else could remember all the things we did for fun--like play baseball with four people, one of whom is not yet walking! Who but your sister could remember using the propane tank for a stage, or a cow tank for a swimming pool, or rolling up in a blanket on grandma's yard and rolling across the grass?
Someday, only the two of us will remember that our Christmas dresses were long, and that second graders CAN wear big hair to the annual Christmas Pageant. We will be the only ones to recall the year Mom made us those matching blue dresses with white trim for our Christmas dress and then we both received Chrissy dolls from Santa who also, amazingly enough, had dressed to match ours? Wow! How 'bout those elves at the North Pole! Then you got to wear that dress several years running 'cause when you outgrew yours, there was still mine to wear!!

And don't forget those camping trips? All of us in a tent, sleeping on the ground and those long trips to wherever and you were always sick? In that gold trash can with a sandbag on it to keep it on the hump of the car! And those horrid 70s/80s clothes!

Thanks for letting us in on the secret of your engagement party/turned wedding! It was fun being a bridesmaid without the ugly dress! And an honor to stand up with you and your knight in shining armor!

There's no one else I'd rather laugh with (or at, sometimes!). I'm so glad you're my sister, and I'm so glad you're my friend! Love you!

P. S. Please note the posting time. I may be a notoriously bad card sender but I did stay up till 1:00 am scanning pictures and posting this blog. But you're worth it!
P. S. S. And Mom if you're reading this, I really need some more pictures of our childhood!


emmafudd said...

Dawn, that made my cry. I miss my sister so much! I hope my girls grow up loving each other like you love your sister.

Kara said...

Sweet post! It is amazing how much your girls look like you and your sisters!

Brent said...

Aaaaw! How sweet! Dang it, you always beat me to the punch. I didn't send a card or make a blog dedicated to my sister! I will call her though, and if you're reading this Paula, Happy Birthday! Surely you both know better than to expect cards from me now! Love ya! Andi

Shelley said...

You are so blessed to have sisters. I always wished that I had been blessed with a sister. I guess God has given me some terrific Christian sisters and some wonderful cousin-in-laws, like you. Thanks for sharing those precious memories.

Anonymous said...

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