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Sunday, October 19, 2008

It Was the Best of times, It Was the Worst of Times

....so writes Charles Dickens in the opening lines of the novel A Tale of Two Cities.

Fall Break. I've gone to school my whole life so my calendar is governed by school sanctioned holidays. Fall Break and Spring Break are perhaps the most anticipated holidays of the school year. We go camping every Fall Break. No, we don't get in the water.

Here's what we do on Fall Break--The Best of Times:



Catch big fish


Play games

Tell Campfire Stories

Admire sunrises

And sunsets

Ooh and Aah in wonder

The worst of times, you ask? Monday--back to work!

p. s. Thanks Molly for the sunset and 'ooh and aah' pictures!


Mandy said...

My family goes camping every Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend and our trips are a lot like yours! Except there are not a lof of fisherman in our group. I am with you on the back to school thing also!

Becky said...

I think camping this time of year is the best - even though we only go in the hottest part of the year! I like the napping, playing games,and eating parts....

Kara said...

Love all the pics...we are going to start camping once the boys get a little older...we love it! We missed you guys, but glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures as is made me thankful that we are able to share this time together. Mom

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