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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Drawing Nudes

No. I'm not drawing nudes. But I've read about it. And Sarah, my daughter has drawn them. Yes, I know. I was shocked and appalled too. But send your artsy kid to a liberal arts college and that's what happens. It was a class called Figure Drawing. My nephew (a youth and minister if that makes it ok) took the class also so we were forewarned that she had to take the class. But he assured us and she agreed that after you got over the total weirdness of it, you're just in such a hurry to do your assignment that you don't even notice it anymore. I'm so relieved.
But the point of this post is to tell you this: Go visit Rechelle, The Country Doctor's Wife, and read about her adventures in College Art Classes--specifically Figure Drawing. She and her family took an uncomfortable situation and made it a funny memory. And be sure and read the comments--other entertaining reminiscences of people drawing nudes!

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