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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Never enough Time

Does sleep ever seem like a total waste of time to you? I love to sleep. If it's the good kind where it envelops you and draws you back into it's warm embrace and you can look at the clock and think--ummm, I don't have to get up yet.

But then there's the nights and early mornings when I look at the clock. And look at the clock. And look at the clock. And think--when will morning come? Those are the nights that sleep is elusive. Those are the fallout nights of too much caffeine. Or an overactive mind. Or too little time at home. Those are the nights when I just want to get up and do something. But I know that I will disturb Les. Daisy the dog will trot around the house jingling her dog tags. Patch the cat will want fed and let out. And the opening and closing of doors, turning on of lights, dumping pet food in bowls and all that other stuff just seems to echo in the darkness. And I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear the sewing machine at 4 a.m.

But when I try to lie in bed, my pillow is lumpy and hard. The fan needs turned up or turned down. If I do go to sleep, I'm haunted by snaky or spidery dreams. So really, what's the point? Well, I guess the point would be that I really don't want to spend the day yawning and wishing for a nap. But I'm not a good napper--never have been even from toddler-hood--ask my mom.

But lately, I've been wanting to sew, write, read, cook...all that stuff I'm longing to do when I'm at work or at meetings or even at church., but it seems there's just never enough time. And thus, sleep is wasted time!

Which brings me to the point of this post. Once upon a time, there was an episode of Twilight Zone called Time Enough at Last. It's about a guy who never has enough time to do what he wants until everything but he is destroyed by nuclear war. Then he has all the time in the world (so to speak!). I was reminded of this episode when I was reading my daily comic strip Sheldon. Check out these two links--if you have time! Perhaps it will put things in perspective for you, like they did for me! I may not have time to do what I want--but the alternative could be a lot worse! Enjoy!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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emmafudd said...

I LOVE sleep! Sometimes I wish I just didn't need it, though. How convenient would an extra 6-7 hours in my day be???

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