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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vintage Thingy--Cookie Jar

This is my favorite color of blue! I found this cookie jar in the pasture at my gradma's house if you can believe it! It was covered with foil that had been antiqued with black stuff (do you remember this questionable craft from the 60/70s? It held cookies all through my Dad's childhood and when the lid broke, Grandma tried out that crafting technique. But I guess she didn't like it because out to the trash pit it went! I don't know how long it lay in the pasture before I found it when I was wandering in the pasture as a teenager. The pasture had been home to horses and cattle and was a frequent roaming ground for the grandkids. How on earth did it remain intact?
When I stumbled across it, bits of the blue were showing through the glued-on foil. When it was gleefully displayed to my grandma, she couldn't understand why I would want it! Silly Grandma! I peeled it off, scrubbed it up and brought it home. It's home now is on my mantel, and I've used it for different flower arrangements through my married life.
The little bowl beside it was found at the same garage sale where I adopted my ceramic dogs. It appeared to match my cookie jar and I was excited to find it. And the price of course was....you guessed--One Dollar! It was meant to be!
Both piece have USA stamped on the bottom and the blue bowl appears to possibly had a bail on it to secure the lid. I know they aren't worth anything but that doesn't matter because I love them.
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Coloradolady said...

Can you imagine tossing that in a field? Not me! I can certainly see why you wanted it. It is lovely. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's the best kind of treasure; a family heirloom from an archeological 'dig' - great save. Beautiful colour too!

Elizabeth said...

I love the color and shape of these. What a great story about the cookie jar!

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