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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I hate Forwarded E-mail--A Rant

A message to the masses: with all the love in my heart.........

I’m sorry—I can’t keep quiet any longer! I’ve refrained from commenting on this forever about a variety of forwards and my itching fingers can not be restrained from the keyboard another day!

Please don’t hate me for this public service announcement, for being a know-it-all, for bursting your forwarding bubble!

This "EID stamp" email has been showing up in my in-box for at least two years now and the truth must be known!

Let’s pretend that I’m Mrs. Castor, the information specialist, for just a bit! Please take notes. There may be a quiz later!

Internet lesson for today:

The EID stamp was issued in 2001, the year before 9/11. It was not issued as a holiday stamp for Christmas, but was issued in September in commemoration of the end of Ramadan which is, yes, a Muslim holiday.

You can find more about it here: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl-muslim-stamp.htm
And here : http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/eidstamp.asp
And here: http://www.boycottwatch.org/misc/Muslim-Eids-stamp2.htm

And lots of other places if you Google “Urban legends” “eid stamp.” You don't know how to Google? Just type those words that I typed--just like I typed them--with the quotation marks around them in the search box of any search engine such as Google. The top hits will usually be a link to an urban legend site such as "Urban Legends" or "Snopes." I figure if at least two of these types of sites agree on the origins of the forwarded email, they are probably correct!

I’m not about defending the US Post Office and their stamp issuing policy.
I’m not defending any Muslim holiday.
I just want you to THINK and LEARN and PURSUE knowledge!
And not blindly forward mis-information!

And don’t send me this anymore! Thanks! Oh and don’t send me anymore emails that say “I read it on Snopes, it’s true.” On them unless YOU read it in snopes for yourself and read the whole article clear to the end, cause many things are true!

Come on--you can do it!

Pursue the TRUTH!

'Stamp' out ignorance!


Elizabeth said...

I totally agree! You should post this to SITS toomorrow. They are having "Open Letter Day"!

Jewelgirl said...

I understand, I keep getting
e-mails for ED.... Vigara..
doesn't stop, had company take
me off the list-supposedly, still
coming... still garbage!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I suppose you don't believe that Bill Gates is going to send you 10 cents for forwarding an email? Hater.

haha. I'm with you, sister! I don't want that stuff. And, guess what, Jesus loves me whether I send that corny picture to 50 people or not! So there!

Mandy said...

Right On Sister!! I don't mind some forwards if they are really funny jokes, but come on people, use your brains!

Kara said...

I hear you loud and clear and couldn't agree more!

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