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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Witnessing to the Washer

Witnessing Tracts are little pamphlets Christians often carry to help them share Jesus. They contain the plan of salvation and there are many different kinds depending on who the intended audience (kids, youth, etc) is. Some people leave them at restaurants with their tip. Sometimes they are left in motel rooms. We've handed them out with Halloween treats, and taken them to hospitals. They aren't always shared verbally, but the hope is that the visual appeal will encourage someone to read it.
Molly carries them in her pocket. I'm not sure how many she passes out but I do know they are part of her daily wardrobe.
I'm thinking our washing machine is surely saved by now!


Sarah Castor said...

is that patch's tail on the upper edge of the picture? lol

Sarah Castor said...

and! you know a washer is kind of like jesus! it gets the sin or the stains out of our lives... hmmm interesting thought

Kara said...

Cory carries evangelism cards around too, but our washer never sees them, since they are in his wallet! Our washer is probably going to hell :(

Andi said...

Where do I get those? I want some.

Dawn said...

Our cat was perched on the dryer during this photo session and I didn't notice the tail at the top of the pics until after I posted. And if you want tracts like these--go to Mardel's or Lifeway stores or ask at your church. They might have some or be willing to order them.

Hilary said...

You should be so proud that she's witnessing. I'm sure it's not always easy to do as a teenager-or for anyone for that matter... You have raised great girls!

Amy said...

that is awesome that she carries them around to share with people. I hope my children do the same at her age.

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