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Friday, January 09, 2009

I Skipped School Today

A group of church ladies went to a Quilt show/extravaganza in OKC today. I had to go along and supervise since Les was the minister in charge of the trip and he's a man and they were all women and, anyway, I had a lovely day away from public education.

Look at the amazing detail on this quilt--It was a story quilt with lots of little vignettes on it like this one. Of course I loved this part with the girl reading!

Here's another little piece of it.
It was a lot of fun, a lot of walking and a lot of quilts/fabrics/patterns and, and, and.....just a lot of stuff for quilting and embroidery and other fabric crafts.

I wanted lots, and lots of fabrics, but had no plan to use them and didn't want to be ridiculed (again) by my husband about unfinished projects and senseless fabric purchases. I wanted the new sewing machines (cause you know mine is the reason Molly's dress bout gave me a nervous breakdown earlier this week. and by the way, the dress is about finished and it's turning out much better than anticipated.), a quilting machine, a wool felting thingy that made awesome looking effects on fabrics, a needle punch kit, more fabric, one of the finished quilts.....and--well, lets just say I wanted --oh, pretty much everything!

But I decided to be smart and quit salivating over everything I didn't need, or have a plan for. So I took pictures instead.

How cute is this? Want one? You can buy the dresses--they fit very small dolls and are only fifty dollars apiece, so take that times however many blocks you want......

My mom and sweet mother-in-law
Bonnie, as well as a few ladies from other churches, went along for the ride. And the fun!
Here are some of them at the end of the day--each one convinced that her name was about to be called to win a new sewing machine. We were ready to go home but you had to be present to win. Sadly, the new sewing machine did not get to ride home on the bus with us.
Molly didn't get to go. Someone had to go to school!
See her hair. It's straightened to be donated to Locks of Love. Yes, that means it got cut. Quite a bit.
She's not so sure she likes it at all. I like it--but what do I know, I'm her mom! No pictures to post of her new do, but perhaps in a few days.


Andi said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see Molly's hair!

Mandy said...

I want to see a picture of Molly in her finished dress!

Kara said...

I didn't realize her hair was so long! I can't wait to see it and the dress too!

GunnyMom said...

Love the doll dress quilt, I'd like to try that but on a smaller scale.

Kelly said...

I am glad you had a great quilty day! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you will visit again.

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