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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Molly aka Zenon--Girl of the 21st Century

This was Basketball Homecoming week and you know what that means--5 days of dress up. Wednesday was Disney Day.
Molly chose Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century cause she wanted to be different.
And we didn't have an Ariel Costume.
And would have been sent home to change--dress code ya know.
And she would have been cold anyway!
Never heard of Zenon? Me neither. She came from the future and found today's teenagers weird and rude. And thought they dressed funny.
Hmmmmm. Maybe I'M Zenon?????


Rechelle said...

Love Zenon!

Also love those old measuring cups.

Never can have too much chipped paint.

Andi said...

Did she make that? Cute! You are definitely Zenon. But, you're better dressed!

Sarah Castor said...

AWESOME! Very Zenon!

Today's Word Verification: rewair. Is that like memoir or reward?

Becky said...

I KNOW who Zenon is - we've watched all of those at our house and she is very cool! Love your vintage posts - I'll have to get back on that, I still have quite a few vintage things at my house. My girls think I could just post a picture of myself :)

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