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Monday, January 26, 2009

Will She or Won't She?

Sophomores who desire to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at USAO must have a review to prove themselves worthy of being in the program. Last Thursday, Les and I and our parents travelled to Chickasha to view Sarah's review. We had a good trip. Andi, Brent and the girls were there and of course, Chris and Callie. We had some delicious barbecue at "Jake's Rib" then came home. Eat there sometime--mm mm good.

She put in a lot of hours on these masterpieces she submitted. There are examples from her figure drawing class, Watercolor independent study, Printmaking and Photography.

The watercolor is of church pews and the light coming in on the floor through the stained glass. Of course the photographs are of Molly, Sarah's roommate Whitney, and of Les and I. Perhaps you saw them on her blog.

Here's a print of our niece, Bobbie done as a relief printing process with linoleum.

Remember the Teaparty Molly hosted back in August? Sarah was the event photographer and used the photographs for her theme in printmaking.

How to make a print, in my own words (so Sarah may correct me): the artist transfers the design to a piece of linoleum, wood or a zinc plate, then carves it out. Then, depending on what kind of print is desired, ink is applied to either the high or low places and the original is pressed on paper to create the print. It was fearsome to see Sarah with a sharp, pointy tool in her hand, carving away at a thin sheet of wood that wanted to slip away from her. Not only were her fingers in jeopardy but also my dining room table!

I think Sarah's an awesome artist, but then, I'm her mom and perhaps a bit prejudiced. I'll bet they'll let her in, don't you?


Andi said...

Of COURSE they will! She is BRILLIANT!

Kara said...

She is so talented! Those are all amazing! My family loves Jake's Rib...side story - When Cory and I were in college and he was to meet my parents for the first time, we met them in Chickasha at Jake's. Lots of memories!

Becky said...

Sarah is awesome! I love her stuff. I must admit I had more than a few wounds from cutting linoleum and wood blocks - this is why my husband wants me to stay away from power tools. Oh well, I digress - Sarah rocks!

Marilyn said...

I vote for Sarah. I'm not sure she looks the part of an artist. She didn't have too many pierced body and facial parts and her clothes were okay and not one tatoo. I guess she didn't have to make a statement though. She said it all with her natural talent and part of it was hanging on the wall. Way to go Sarah!!! Oh yea, about Jakes Ribs. Take an appetite or a take out. Who knew that an order of fries would be 12x8x6 inches of potato.

Shelley said...

We are so proud of Sarah. God's going to use her talent in some wonderful ways.

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