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Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Generous New Friend in Ghana

My parents raised their kids to be responsible, respectful, hard-working and honest so I know it will come as no surprise to you that I have been contacted by a much respected bank manager in Ghana who wants MY help in transferring 76 million dollars out of the country.

The possessor of the money was very irresponsible and not only got himself killed by choosing to fly a commercial airline but also left no will! Can you imagine? I certainly don't have that kind of money but I have a will! How did he make or accumulate all that money but still behave so foolishly? And what a sad life--no family to claim the fortune, no friends to remember fondly...

Ah well, I guess we all can't be raised to be responsible! And blessed with family and friends. I'm pretty sure someone would come forward to claim my itsy bitsy fortune if something happened to me.

You know a while back I blogged about being read world-wide. Apparently this is how my name was picked from the billions of email possessors and millions of bloggers. Here is a portion of the letter I received in my inbox yesterday:

"...I got your contact through my random search in the Internet, to
see if you can assist by providing a safe bank account for the transfer or find a
reliable person who will be capable of receiving such amount."

Is that amazing or what! Through an INTERNET search, Mr. Fickinger (the very proper bank manager) chose me to help him in his transfer of lots of money!!!! He knew from reading my blog that I am honest and trustworthy, reliable and so very willing to give him my very own bank account number complete this transaction!

So. What do ya'll think? Will the local bank be surprised and amazed when the first amount of money arrives? Are they adequately insured by the FDIC to handle it? Will I owe lots of taxes?

I'm fairly sure I won't actually be keeping the money for myself--of course this is just a good deed to save this fortune from falling into government hands in Ghana! Perhaps I will receive a small stipend for my helpfulness? Do you think?

I looked up Ghana on the internet. (I know, you are so surprised) Somehow the Government has the world fooled into thinking they are progressive. According to the CIA World Factbook, the major governmental pressure groups are all advocates of education and water rights. The risk of infectious disease is extremely high. They are a major peacekeeping force in Africa according to the BBC website as well as being an African model for political reform.

These facts can't be true--otherwise, why are these wonderful bankers trying to get such vast amounts of money out of the country--must be secret government corruption......

Perhaps it's an underground group wanting to use this money to treat all those infections diseases running rampant in the country. Or for funding for education and water rights.....

I've received these emails before and just deleted them, but maybe I am that responsible person. Maybe my name and blog are flagged to these unknown, generous, good-hearted bankers as a person who will be willing to help their country solve it's problems and keep the funds out of government hands.....Perhaps they've been secretly following my blog....

Funny, I've never noticed any readers from Ghana on my Feedjit map......

And maybe they think I'm a sucker?

Surely not.

And by the way--if I should die without a valid will and somehow have accumuluted 76 million dollars, please don't contact someone if Africa to get the money out of the country. Go ahead, pay the taxes and divide it amongst yourselves. Think of it as a gift to my loyal readership.

Ya'll know I'm kidding, right? This one went straight to the Spam folder after gleaning it for bloggable opportunities! Perhaps I'm just shallow that way........using other's misfortune for my blog....

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