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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quilting in the Dark

Here it is 11:09. I was planning on going to bed at about 9:00 because of extreme weariness. But then, I started making quilt blocks and I thought--'only two more to go' so I kept sewing.

And of course I had to lay them out to admire.

But the arrangement didn't look quite right, so I moved them around.

The bed was to small, so I moved them to floor and rearranged them some more.

They looked so good, I decided to take a picture and post them on my blog--real quick.

But I had a bunch of unread mail, so I checked my email.

And when I went to my blog and saw that Sarah had a new post.
It was sweet and about me!
So I checked up on a few other blogs.
And finally signed in to post these photos of the Stack and Whack quilt I've been working on. As you can see, each block is a bit different. The material is cut in pieces according to the pattern repeat, then stacked so the pattern is hopefully even. Then you cut squares, then triangles, then sew them in this pattern. And when you're finished, you will have these lovely kaleidoscope pieces--each one different.
And I can't decide if this one is my favorite.... I love the viney look of the leaves in the center.
Or maybe this one with the red flowers in the center.....

Oh and this one is neat, even though it doesn't quite line up right, the little bit of red, surrounded by green, then the gold.....

Or maybe it's one of those other fifteen.....

By the way, if you click the picture at the top, it is in terrible focus. That is cause it is late at night and also because it is hard to take a good picture while standing on the bed and holding the camera out in mid air and hoping you're pointing it the right direction and being sure that the wrist strap is not in the picture and the cat doesn't decide she wants to bed down in the middle of it.

So forgive me please! Just call it Impressionistic photography.


Sarah Castor said...

Very lovely! My favorite square is the one with the leaves

Hilary said...

Looks good. I like the last square you showed. I know my mom has really enjoyed working on her quilts. Maybe someday, I'll take it up...

Janice said...

It looks great! Wish I would have been able to start on one when you all did. Maybe next time.

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