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Saturday, March 21, 2009

And then I found a knife in her pocket....

While putting Molly's laundry in the washer this morning, I noticed that her sweatshirt jacket was heavy and found this in her pocket.

I was so proud! She and Les returned home yesterday with suitcases of dirty clothes covered in sheetrock dust. They and about 18 others spent Spring Break in Bridge Creek, TX on an association mission trip. Their goal was to insulate and sheetrock two houses.

Mission: Accomplished!

According to Les, Molly and her friend Sarah were manic insulation installers. When that was finished, they finished putting in the screws after the guys hung the sheetrock. They worked hard and hopefully had a great time. I know Les did.

Go on a short-term mission trip some time. The satisfaction of a finished job is great and the camaraderie of fellow servants is awesome. You will gain some awesome memories and forge wonderful friendships.

I stayed home with Sarah. She had to go back to work on Thursday, but I still had a faithful companion who 'dogged' my footsteps and kept the heebie jeebies at bay!

If she just wouldn't shed......

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