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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm ba-a-a-ck

It's Spring Break--lovely, heavenly, delightful, school-free Spring Break!

Les and Molly went to South Texas on a Hurricane Katrina (I think!) rebuilding Mission Trip. They tried to make me feel bad and sign up and go. But the guilt trip didn't make me go on the Mission Trip! They'd say things like 'don't you think you could serve the Lord with us on this trip.' and 'are you ignoring God's call to missions.' You know those churchy things ministers say--even to their wives (I'm thinking they were just giving me a hard time, but ya never know!) ......So I listened real hard and never heard His voice. I either blocked it out or God really meant me to stay home this week. I really think that was my Call!

They are having a great time--riding for hours in a pickup to get there, sleeping in a big group (yes, a mixed group! ugh) in a gym on air mattresses, sharing bathrooms, (stop it--there are boys and girls bathrooms!) hanging sheetrock and insulation, eating home-made tamales provided by the thankful owners of the house, bonding as a group in a whole new way!

Les was all excited when he called earlier this week. About 10 years ago, he took some sign language classes and has practiced it occasionally. He had the opportunity to use it to interpret on their trip. Two of the custodians in the host church are deaf and he was thrilled to put his rusty knowledge into practice!

He also said that Molly and her friend, Sarah have been awesome workers and have hung insulation and sheetrock like pros!

Sarah (our daughter) took some time off from her job doing childcare at the YMCA and came home. We went to my parents house and spent several days with our family, re-decorating a room for my mom for sewing and hanging out with my parents and brother, my nieces and my grandma and a couple of cousins.

Sarah and I have had a great time together. We shared a room at my parents and had lots of late night chats. I'm so thankful for my daughters. And my husband. And my parents. And my family!

Here's some of my home scenes:

The morning view out my bedroom window:

Why'd the chicken cross the road?

My mom loves it! (Visit my mom's blog for more info on this one!)

My Dad!


Sarah Castor said...

Man those pictures sure uploaded yellow! lol oh well

Shelley said...

Thanks for the fun photo of your parents. It is so reminescent of the famous photo of the farmer and his wife. Hey, I've deleted "Shelley's blog" so you might want to remove it from your blog list.

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