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Monday, May 18, 2009

My Sister and I Look Just Like......

Someone recently told my sister, Andi, that she looked just like Wonder Woman. That is really not surprising if you know her because not only does she look like Lynda Carter--She sometimes can be mistaken for Wonder Woman with all of her amazing talents!

She cooks, she gardens, she's a great mom, she's a lifesaver (a nurse).....

You have to go visit her and you will definitely see the amazing resemblance! However, she has never worn shorts as short as WW's costume is!

People often say that my sisters and I look a lot alike. We do share many of the same mannerisms! We have this weird thing we get from our mom where we clutch our chests and we all have to wind down when laughing like our dad.

It is so ironic that someone commented on Andi's resemblance to Wonder Woman. Cause in college, I took a stage make-up class and we had to do a 'glamor' make-up day--using the magic of pancake (makeup to those non stage people!) turn ourselves into celebrities.

And guess whom I chose!

Yep. It's Lynda Carter a.k.a. Wonder Woman! That's me--1984(ish) in Good Ole Northwestern University (Alva, lest you think I'm an Ivy League'er)

Who'd a thought!


Marilyn said...

Aw gee!!! I thought I was gonna see you adorned in a Wonder Woman outfit. Hey, you did a good job, I had never seen that before. You DO look like Linda Carter.

Andi said...

Okay, you look much more like her than me...But where's the costume? We all want to see it!

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