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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visit this Blog!

Since I've been home the last few days (well, a little bit!), I've been trying out some recipes from Chickens in the Road. The author, Suzanne McMinn, is a novel writer, newspaper columnist, a mom, a farmer, scarecrow creator, and EXCELLENT Cook!

Once a week or so, she posts a new recipe on her blog--with real butter, sometimes fried (doughnuts!) and just umm-umm good, old fashioned, delicious recipes! Really!

So far, I've made:

Cinnamon Streusal biscuits--Messy, Sweet Deliciousness

Great Aunt Ruby's Lemon Iced Cake Tart yet Sweet Deliciousness

Ultimate Cheddar Bay Biscuits Garlicky, Buttery Cheesy Deliciousness

Sour Cream Raisin Biscuits (minus the raisins) Moist, light Deliciousness

Do you see a theme here? All delicious!

There's many more to try! Some recipes are handed down or shared from family members, some are found in old cookbooks, some are just made cause they look so good. And probably contain butter!

Go visit her, try some recipes, read about her Giant Puppy, Fainting Goats, Mean Rooster, and Annabelle, the Lamb who wants to sleep on the porch with the puppy.

P. S. Does anyone else hate PMS rage? I'm just askin......

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