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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Me and My Clutter

Remember this mess from yesterday?

Well, I cleaned it off*.


Because I wanted to show you the cuteness.......

......of this snack tin--in red!--that I bought today at Walmart!!!!

Perfect for holding Snickers.

But not for long! 'teehee!'

*I suppose that I should confess to you that by 'cleaning it off,' I moved that pile of junk to the table and shoved some of it in a drawer.

Addendum to this post: Sarah cleaned off the table and PILED THE JUNK BACK ON MY BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED SPOT, and when I complained she said, "what's the problem? You've already taken pictures for you blog....."


Becky said...

You had me worried there for a minute - I thought you were getting too organized!

Tisha said...

I've been eyeing that tin for awhile...maybe if there's some left I'll get one today!

Andi said...

That tin is perfect for my kitchen! Is that too much copying? I already copied the paper towel holder...Of course, mine would be filled with Dove Special Dark Chocolate Promises.

Dawn said...

Copy away. If there are any more! Andi--really your snack container probably contains something healthy. But then i had a sad realization yesterday that the only snack i had was....granola bars. How sad and healthy and Old is that?????????

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