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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Newest Recipe for Cheap Home Decor


Canvas dropcloth (I used two 6X9)
Dryer to fluff out the wrinkles
Curtain Rod
Curtain Ring Clips

Open the Canvas Dropcloth, discard package. Unfold the prehemmed fabric and toss in the dryer with a damp washcloth or towel.
When tumbled for a sufficient amount of time (depending on the number of times you forget about it and have to restart the dryer!), remove the canvas and spread out on the living room floor. DO NOT PAINT! Admire it--doesn't it resemble linen? (Squint if it helps.) Notice the weave and thread variations--lovely, organic look--natural color!

Fold the short edge over to fit the length of your window. Clip the curtain rings at regular intervals across the fold. This will give a valance effect on what is soon to be your new living room drapes (or curtains, whichever floats your boat). Or you could cut them off, hem them, and make a rod pocket and all that but why?

Hang in place of the ones you've grown tired of. Your old ones will look great in the den! Adjust length as necessary. Pretend that climbing up and down the step stool numerous times because you can't measure accurately is exercise, not in-efficiency.
Feel free to use fabric glue to enhance your new curtain/drapes with ribbon, contrasting fabric, silk flowers, stenciling, or even batik--if you know how. Or you can sew it on also!
Or just enjoy the simplicity like I am right now. (If I get a wild hair sometime later in the summer maybe I'll trim them with ribbon or some such thing!)

Stand back and gloat at how awesome you are, how great it looks and how little it costs!

*Hope your grandma doesn't look at this and comment that they still need ironed! Love you, Grandma!

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Cheap Home Decor Ryan said...

Haha; that's great! And it even looks good; I never would have believed it.

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