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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sitka and Ketchikan

Sitka was lots of fun. It was a beautiful day and we elected to wander around on our own. It's a fairly small town spread out along the coast of an island. The rest of the island is Tongass National Forest/Park. That is how Ketchikan was also. We visited Alaska Island towns, not mainland. I think. I've looked at maps but the islands are huge and usually I don't even know which direction we are going. I hate not knowing where North is! You can't use the sun as your guide because the sun rises so early and sets so late.

We visited a tiny aquarium in Sitka and got to hold and touch all sorts of starfish (a rainbow of them!), sea urchins, sea slugs and other neat creatures. We walked along the beach and walked through the rain forest and viewed Totem poles.

In Ketchikan, we went on a jeep and canoeing trip. Some people went fishing and Larry H. caught a 17 lb. salmon. I know others caught fish also, I'm just not sure of the size.

People in our group have gone snorkeling, zip-lining, flight seeing and more stuff--oh, Lumberjack shows, panning for gold....

I think everyone has had a terrific time in spite of a few bouts of seasickness. I still look like I had a bad botox job from my seasick patch--I'll never use one of those again. My lips look pitiful.

I don't like salmon. It tastes and smells like tuna to me and I hate that! Sorry all you fish lovers out there!

I've spent my time at sea hanging over the railing looking for whales! You may not believe it but one of the posted pictures is of a whale that I saw when I was alone on the promenade deck. And of course I didn't get a good picture because by the time you spot it and get the camera out, they are gone! There's a dorsal fin in some of those pictures if you look real close! And you can see spouts in several of the pictures.

I wanted to edit these pictures but I haven't taken the time. The colors are so much brighter than you can see on these.

One picture that is funny is the one of the blue laundry bag with my hair straightener on it. You can stuff all the laundry you want in there and they will wash it for 20 dollars. The bag is about 12 X 24! Not much laundry will fit in it!

I have a picture that didn't upload of Delilah waiting and waiting and waiting for her family to return from a fishing trip. She was worried they would be left!

Les did karaoke one night and they called and wanted him to participate with 4 others in an American Idol type show. HE WON! His prize was a free cruise.


Actually he got great prizes--a 'dam ship' fleece pullover, a keychain, a picture frame and a deck of cards! I don't know that he will wear the jacket to work! "Dam" ship by the way is a Holland America joke because all of the ships end with 'dam'-- Zandaam...

We have had a great time with the group! The weather has been picture perfect! Smooth seas, sunny days. Larry D. talked with one couple who was on their second Alaskan Cruise and on the last one didn't see anything for the fog and rain! We've been blessed!

Not all my pictures uploaded. Sorry. The satellite internet is slow and expensive.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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Alaskan Cruise 2

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