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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Unsolved Mysteries

Why do Cats feel compelled to to rub their jaw on everything? Is she marking it? Or just weird? And why do pets think your furniture is their furniture? And your bed is theirs? When you have bought them cute, comfy pet beds of their own!

Why do my shorts have two buttons? I always feel exposed when I discover I've forgotten to button one.

Why didn't I teach my children to wipe off countertops? Where did I go wrong? I must have left that step off.

Why are they content to let 17 towels mildew in their bathroom? And they are hanging the towels on the towel bar, but how do they get so many crammed on there?

Is there a genetic flaw that causes some people to leave drawers, closets and cabinet doors open and it not bother them?

Why do I hate everyone's clutter in the living room, kitchen and den but am blind to my own?

Why will my daughter drag herself grumpily out of bed and stare vacantly into space for hours when I wake her up, but when a boy calls, she's jumping out, bright-eyed, bushy tailed and coherent immediately?

Why did I let the weeds grow for so long in the flower beds and now my gluteus maximus is punishing me for the hours I spent yesterday pulling them. And I have many hours to go before I'm finished.

Why do I hate exercise because I don't want to sweat, but don't mind working hard in my yard or on a home improvement project? I guess because exercise seems such a waste of time benefiting only me and fulfilling some assignment. Gardening and home improvement benefit the world. Right?

Why did God give me two such beautiful, amazingly wonderful daughters and a fantastic husband? I'll not question that--just embrace it!

Why do I have this compulsion to shop at second hand stores? Last night we were eating supper and I realized the only items on the table new to us were the silverware, the glasses, and napkin holder and the salt and pepper shakers. Oh and the food--no leftovers!

Why don't I have cute second-hand (vintage) salt and pepper shakers when there are so many awesome ones? I can't believe I've been satisfied all this time with the clear glass ones we have now.

I've gotta go. I need groceries and gas and maybe, perhaps some new/old salt and pepper shakers!


LV said...

How true your post is and applies to most of us. That is what I enjoy most about this blogging, everyone has such creative ideas and neat showings. Loved your post. Give me a visit sometime.

Hilary said...

Good questions!-and good pictures. The one of the girls is so pretty-the colors!!-and the girls!

Becky said...

Your ponderings definitely inspire me. Good questions, all, but they never occur to me until someone else points them out! You've thought too much for the week, you need to go shopping!

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