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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Andy Warhol Shopping

Les was sick a few weeks ago and all he wanted was Tomato Soup.

We were out. I offered to go to the store and get him some, but he decided to make do with Chicken Noodle.

I remembered that empty space in our cabinet while we were out shopping and put a few cans of Campbell's (And only Campbell's) Tomato Soup in our cart! Just so you know, we have tried other brands. The fancy 'don't add water' single serving' kind with an Italian sounding name. The no name store brand. The other store brand. But I'm afraid for good old fashioned comfort food served with a grilled cheese and crackers, nothing beats Campbell's Tomato Soup!

While unloading the groceries when we got home, I discovered that apparently we have all been buying a can or two when we go to the store!

But that's ok. Winter's comin' and you can't have enough good old tomato soup!

And as a bonus, we have a ready made art project! Perhaps this is where Andy Warhol got his inspiration?

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Auntie Joy said...

Hi Dawn,
Yes I did use Picasa for the collage. I love doing them it is so much fun and I could do a hundred and still want to do one more they are all so cute! Love the one you did with the garage sale finds!
As far as tomato soup goes I also reach for Campbells.However... Safeway has some yummy tomato soup in their deli..

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