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Monday, November 09, 2009

Butterfly Garden

Saturday was another perfectly gorgeous Fall day. Les and I went to breakfast with our good friends Larry and Laura. We are sad that they will soon be moving away. What started out as a chance meeting one Saturday morning has developed into a weekend breakfast routine! Laura and I catch up on the good garage sales and what neat crafty stuff we've seen. And Les and Larry discuss....well, I'm not sure! Perhaps it's classical literature about whales and such ;).

I helped Sarah photograph the sweet Allen Family--Shane, Ashley and Huck. Huck was very photogenic and sat nicely for several cute pictures. Shane and Ashley took some great photos and I think they should be sent into Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop or Field and Stream. Ash has a slick black bow trimmed in pink and purple and pink fletched arrows. Look out deer!

We noticed after lunch that the last of the summer flowers were covered with butterflies and moths.

Sarah and Les went out and took pictures and since he's not a dedicated blogger like I am (LOL), Les allowed me to post his beautiful pictures here!

Where did the butterflies come from? Were they just hatching out from the warm weather, migrating or just getting in a last flutter before the winter?  Whatever the case, we enjoyed a last fluttery butterfly show.


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