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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun with Biting Insects

Saturday, when we were all out in in the country for the Thanksgiving holiday, was a beautiful day.  After feasting, some of the family moved out to the front porch.  The warm weather had brought the wasps out of hibernation and talk turned to my mom's blog post from a few weeks ago.  She told about keeping wasps as a pet for a day when she was a little girl in grade school.   Well, naturally, the grandkids thought this sounded fun.  Wasps are slow moving and sluggish when they first wake up so it was pretty easy to catch one. 

My dad was the 'stinger remover expert' then it was just a simple matter of holding onto the wasp long enough to slip the noose around him for a leash.

Soon, everyone that wanted one had a flying pet on a thread!

Once you got over the fear of holding an unarmed wasp in your hand or letting him crawl up your arm, it was alot of fun!

I'm thinking this might turn into a family tradition!

p.s.  Andi and I had a tussle over the tethered wasp to take pictures for our blog--just thought you'd want to know that! :)  And I beat her posting them, only cause I'm closer to my house! We're serious about this career!


Keetha Broyles said...

What, y'all never heard of a kitty or a doggy???? :-)

I've seen kids catch dragon flies and tie a thread around their neck as a leash - - - but this is a FIRST for wasps.

You may have them.

marymary said...

wow Dawn...I thought my big crazy family was-well crazy! This is a new one! Fun fun memories though!

Becky said...

Since my girls refuse pets, perhaps I should suggest wasps?? You country kids sure were good at thinking up fun.

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