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Monday, February 15, 2010

Boys these days!

Molly has a funny guy she's friends with that took her out to the movie on Valentine's Day night.

They went, appropriately enough, to see Valentine's Day.

And he brought gifts!  Fun stuff appropriate for her

Green Playdoh and Candy,

Nightmarish Sea Monkeys,

(note:  Molly had sea monkeys before.  She carefully tended them, fed them, kept their water fresh.  Then one night, she had a dream that they never stopped growing until they were huge and they attacked her.  Then she woke up and never fed her sea monkeys again.  And they died.  The last living thing in the sea monkey aquarium was a fly who was trapped and floating in the water, it's legs swimming feebly in a vain attempt to escape. One little sodden wing waving feebly....

Who knew that this is the stuff of which dreams (or nightmares) are made... but, I digress, back to to the Valentine gifts.)

and this,

well, this, 


amazingly huge, 

ironic statement on love,

and might I add, inappropriate,


 I think they left the "root" off after the heart.

Perhaps it was on sale?


Morgan Rae said...

how fun!!!!

Sarah Castor said...


marymary said...

hahaha!!! that's funny

Andi said...

That's funny. And perfect for her!

Mandy said...

I still have a hard time realizing that I'm raising "Boys these Days!"

Becky said...

He did pretty darn well, gift wise, I mean there were FOUR of them. :) If Max doesn't get over his love affair with Sea Monkeys, he will probably give those to every girl he ever knows.

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