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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Confession

World issues.  Politics.  Other Peoples Lives.  My Underwear Drawer.

These things are pretty much beyond my control.

The world and my dresser are a wadded mess that I can't change.

 I guess that's why I like...

Don't tell anyone....let this be our little secret, K?

I really like to iron.

It is so satisfying to take a wrinkled mess and smooth it out.

The smell of spray starch and the heat and steam from the iron give me a contented feeling.

That's the thing about housework.  It is never ending, but it is the one thing I feel in control of.  Perhaps not all of it, cause really, you are never finished with the cleaning or the laundry or the cooking.  Just think, even if you have washed all the clothes in the hamper, in a few hours, you have to start over again when you undress. 

But I find that organizing a cabinet is fulfilling. Rubbing wax on the table top makes me happy. Cleaning up one mess, conquering one pile of junk mail, scrubbing out mold on a small portion of the grout, shows me if I persevere,  the chaos in my life can be handled.

Grabbing a wrinkled shirt out of the laundry basket and ironing and smoothing the ruffles show me that yes, I am in control! 

Until I wash this shirt again.

So try it sometime when your world seems to be an uncontrollable mess.  Choose one little task--the junk drawer, the mail pile, the unsorted laundry.  Take 30 minutes and conquer that task and see how much better you feel!

(Ok, maybe I can fix my underwear drawer!)


Andi said...

I feel that way about weeding flower beds. And, believe it or not my underwear drawer is completely under control. But not my closet...

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Girl, you are CRACKING ME UP with this comparison of all the worlds "wrinkles" and your UNDERWEAR DRAWER!!!

Funny girl!

Hilary said...

I agree. I actually like cleaning sometimes. and I REALLY like organizing things, but I never have developed the same joy for ironing. Maybe I'll try to have your outlook on it next time I have to do that chore.

Marilyn said...

You will get the whole world under control someday, right after you come and do all that rearraging you have planned out for me to do. I like to iron too.

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