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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Read these Books! Young Adult Weekend Favorites.

I had the flu this weekend and while it was not fun, I did get some books read!  I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat onion rings again, though. 

I received this book last week and brought it home with me in hopes of finding time to read it.  Jill Alexander's debut novel is an awesome young adult read that captures the teen mind perfectly.  She had me with the opening line "Sundi Knutt had a blue-ribbon winning sow, a deer hunting license and a mound of cleavage." The Sweetheart of Prosper County is the story of Austin Gray, who is tired of standing on the sidelines watching the world go by. When FFA sweetheart, Sundi waves from the hood of a pickup in the annual 'No-Jesus Christmas Parade," she inspires Austin to take charge of her life and do something to get noticed.  She decides to join FFA, raise a champion chicken and be next year's FFA sweetheart.  Along the way to her goal, Austin discovers the truth of her father's death, participates in her best friend's Quinceneara, noodles for catfish in a gator infested creek and becomes good friends with the local high school Elvis impersonator.  And she does raise a champion chicken!

 I finally wrestled this novle, Fire by Kristin Cashore,  away from the students long enough to bring it home to read.  This mythepoeic story is set in the Dells in another time, another place filled with people like us and--monsters.  Beautiful monsters.  Monsters who look like regular beings--humans, birds, bugs, animals.  Fire is a monster.  Her beauty causes her to be  irresistible.  Her ability to control minds causes her to be feared. The legacy of abuse and cruelty passed down by her father causes her to be abhorred.    It is a time of upheaval in the Dells.  One king strives to hold on to his crown while rebel forces all around him join together to overthrow the throne and gain their own power.  Fire is at the center of the conflict.  Everyone wants her--for her beauty and her abilities.  Each force would like to claim her for their favorite weapon. 

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