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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our weekend

We went wedding dress shopping this weekend.  It was crazy, stressful, hectic, and spendy.

I was apprehensive.  I thought (because I'm a middle class thrift store shopper) that you went to the store, picked a dress and took it home.  On the first shopping day if possible.

But no.

Turns out, you must have an appointment.  And when you choose the dress, you might have to order it and that could take months.  And my friend told me that she and her daughter went seven weekends before they found THE one.....  And you might have to refinance your house....

That definitely does fit my slap-dash, haphazard, it must be on sale, method of shopping.

But we did find a dress!  I'll bet you're dying for a peek at it!  It is quite beautiful!

Molly and I ran into Target first thing for fifteen minutes while we waited on Sarah to arrive at our rendezvous point.  We were awesome shoppers and came out with 3 pairs of shoes (Prom shoes, flip flops and the 'very necessary for college' rain boots embellished with whales), 2 purses (one apiece because I can't shop like a mother of the bride with an old purse and just 'cause), 1 billfold (cause my current purse had a built in billfold and I wanted it), and 2 packs of gum(cause you should always have fresh breath!)!  SCORE!

First we visited an exclusive very expensive store that we had no business being in.  Beautiful dresses, big bucks.  No picture taking or sketching allowed, thank you very much. And no one but us was dressed in fashions from Wal-Mart, JCPenney and Target. 

Then we went to a crazy, busy bridal/formal dress mart.  Don't go wedding dress shopping in April--PROM!  It was a madhouse!  But Sarah did try on a bunch of dresses with a myriad of details shown in the pictures below and they were lovely, just not quite right.

And then we were getting hungry.  And grumpy.  And headachy.

So we ate Mexicanish-sort of food next door and headed off to our next shopping/spending extravaganza appointment.  There's nothing that chips, salsa and guacamole cannot cure.  They just seem to make the world a better place.  And the shot of Diet Coke helped too!

At last!  (insert Etta James singing here!)

We found a shop--that had beautiful dresses--and a helpful and ordinary staff--and no giddy teenage prom girls--and the dress!

And here's a picture of it!  Just for you!  Because I know you want to see it!

 Just scroll on down

A little more,

a little further,

I had to hide it way down here cause Sarah will kill me for posting a picture...

You're almost there.....


 Here it is!!In this bag!  

Sometimes I just crack myself up!


Sarah Castor said...


it is somewhat ironic that the work verification for today was vender! hmm?!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Sounds like fun and I can totally tell it is a beautiful dress!
And darn you and your trickery. :0)

Anonymous said...

I got a little nervous that you would post a pic of the dress for Jacob to see. You are clever though! Cody can't see Bristi's either. She took her Bridal portraits a couple of weekends ago. Can I say BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you get choked up when she tried on the dresses? I did just thinking about the "day". She said she wants to take his breath away...I did cry...emotional to say the least. Enjoy every minute of this. I have...:D

Connie Wise said...

I really didn't think you would post "the dress" but then . . . well . . . I don't know. But that is a GREAT way to post "the dress!!" So glad you have that part behind you!!

Ashley said...

I really thought you were going to show it! I'm glad she found IT already! I only had to go shopping one day also!

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