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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Read this Book! The Silent Governess

Read Julie Klassen's Silent Governess and visit Regency England to discover the passionate and desperate secrets that may be camouflaged by the tranquil countryside.

Olivia Keene is on the run.  After a long day of teaching in the village school, she arrives arrives home to discover her father choking her mother and before she can think, she picks up the fireplace poker and bashes him on the head.  Fearing that he is dead, Olivia leaves her home, with only a small bit of money and the address of her mother's friend to flee to.

Foot sore, bedraggled and hungry, she finds herself on the estate of a local gentleman.  While hiding the shrubbery, contemplating what she should do next, Olivia inadvertently overhears a secret exchange between the gentleman, Lord Bradley, and his father which, if revealed, could cost Lord Bradley all he has.  She is discovered and turned over to the local sheriff who puts her in the local jail.  When Lord Bradley learns that she has been found outside his study door and imprisoned, he sets off to bring her to his home to discover what she really overheard.  Unfortunately for Olivia, a fellow prisoner tries to choke her before she can be released, damaging her vocal cords so she is unable to speak.  Bradley takes her into his home, but decrees once she is up and about, that she must remain on the estate as a governess to his cousin's children so he can keep an eye on her.

Olivia is caught in that netherworld between the gentry and the servants--neither one, nor the other, unable to make friends among the servants because of the secret she must keep and not well born enough to fit into the titled guests that flows through the manor house.  Olivia becomes fond of her young charges and to her dismay also develops strong feelings for their lordly relative.  She is also continually worrying about the fate of her mother. 

What is Lord Bradley's secret?  What is happening in Olivia's home village?  Can a girl like Olivia have a chance at romance with a wealthy titled gentleman?  Read this romantic, suspenseful novel to discover Olivia's fate. 

This book was provided for review by Bethany House Publishers.

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