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Monday, April 12, 2010

What I'm Supposed to be Reading and a Terrific Weekend!

I'm a member of Library Thing.  You might have noticed the button on my sidebar that lists random books from my library.  As a member, you can sign up to win books for Early Review and you get a copy of the book to read, review on your blog, the Library Thing website and anywhere else you like.  And the best thing is, the book is yours to keep.

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to request this book.  It has a cool title.  The chapters include information on cool stuff like "What happens if you get to close to a Black Hole; What is empty space made of; and Can I build A Perpetual Motion Machine?"

I received the book today in the mail.  Can you say Happy?  That is me when I get a little surprise package from book publishers in my mail box!  The introduction was quite entertaining but I'm confused in the first chapter.  I'm not a science student but I love learning random 'stuff' so I'm going to persevere.

Saturday, Les and I did the usual thing--garage sales, McDonald's, yard work.  One garage sale was a bonanza--I'll post more later (cause I know you are soooo curious to know what I found!)--in fact, last week was a very good week for finding fun, useless, cheap stuff at garage sales and the thrift store!

We spent the afternoon working in the yard--Les got another pond filter at the above mentioned garage sale for just 1 buck and had to install it ASAP!  That required taking apart the waterfall and rebuilding it around the filter bucket.  I pulled weeds.  And pulled weeds.  And pulled weeds.  And am far from finished.

And I put a brisket in the oven Saturday morning and we FEASTED Saturday night!  Yum.  Brisket is so easy I don't know why I don't think of making it more often!

We cleaned off the patio, hauled out the potted plants from the living room (I hope the fig gets some new leaves.  It's pitiful!) and our garden is coming up!!

Happy Spring!

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