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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Was a Very Good Day!

Today was the last day we had to be at school.  I was checked out super early for me.  Finishing for the school year in the library is kind of like cleaning the house.  There's always lots more to do and sometimes you just gotta say...."I'm finished!"

My Secret Pal at school gave me a end of year gift which included Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles and a book!  And I received another review book in the mail that I can't wait to read!  WooHoo!

Saturday, while cleaning for Molly's graduation party I made the decree--"I'm not buying any more stuff and bringing it home!"  My husband asked for a signed contract and luckily I did not give him one. 

In spite of scary looking storm clouds in the west, I celebrated leaving school with a visit to Not Necessarily New.  There, I found a blackened silver server for two dollars!  The sky was getting darker and darker so I made my purchase and headed for home in a storm. 

Two inches of rain later, I had a beautiful gleaming silver platter!

Now I'm on the back porch, enjoying the weather, the birdsongs, and the hummingbirds buzzing around my feeder.  Patch is curled up beside the next "Read that Book" book and Daisy is drowsing on the porch while she keeps one eye out for intruders.  (she won't hear any, that's for sure!).

I made a visit to the garden to pick some lettuce and look what I found!

There's also some mini zucchini and the marigolds, peppers, tomatoes and beans have grown a ton in the last few days! 

Check back tomorrow to learn about Prayers for Sale.  You're gonna want to go buy a book!

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Taylor said...

Oh, I want a garden! Will you come plant me a garden and tend it for me and everything?!
Lumberjack's Wife

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