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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's amazing what you will find

I know that these items have been hanging around on the wall of my grandad's barn for at least my whole life!  But I never really opened my eyes to see.  For one, it used to be dark inside the barn and I was a lot shorter and the barn was a lot dirtier so it is highly possible I was looking out for where not to step instead of looking up.

Now, sadly part of the roof is gone, but the evening light revealed these treasures.

Here's a tin cup to scoop feed for the chickens and a horseshoe in case your horse loses one on the way over. 

Grandad's brand and chalkboard for.... I don't have a clue!  Keeping track of critter or other, I suppose!

And wagon bows?  Tangible evidence of a journey in a covered wagon.  My mind can dream up all sorts of scenarios of hardships and excitement on the way west.  Perhaps these were used in the land run!

If only walls and other inanimate objects could talk.

By the way, there was a dead mole and raccoon that I did not take pictures of.  I did take a picture of a tumbleweed but decided not to post it.

You are welcome!

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