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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Meet Thelma

a.k.a. Sarah who l-o-v-e-s her horse like all good cow girls do!

If you attend Vacation Bible School at our church this week, Thelma/Sarah will be leading your campfire song experience in her ten gallon hat, authentic western shirt and personalized belt with a big ol' belt buckle!

(you know, of course, we can thank the thrift store for our authentic western duds!)

Watch out Thelma!  There is a rare white back yard panther stalking you! 

Thelma's advice for you today:
Don't be a t-u-m-b-l-e-w-e-ed
Blowin' anywhere the w-i-n-d may lead.
Plant yourself d-e-e-p 
in the B I B L E.
God's word will s-e-t you free
from bein' like the t-u-m-b-l-e-w-e-e-d,
If you will take the time to learn your 
You've got to "A" admit to God that you're a sinner
and turn away from your sin.
You've got to "B" believe that Jesus is the Son of God
and accept His gift of forgiveness.
You've gotta "C" confess your faith in Jesus
as your Savior and your Lord
and you won't ever be 
like a 
Don't be all fried up, dried up, petrified
just let the love of God change you inside
He's got a plan for you I guarantee
and it all begins with the ABCS.


Hilary said...

CUTE! The kids will love her. Our VBS is doing the western theme too.

Anonymous said...

Thelma will be a hit!

Marilyn said...

Love the outfit and the Cowgirl too.

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