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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snorkel and Kayak Tour

While on vacation, we went snorkeling in these caves in La Jolla.  It was great fun, if a little bit scary!  Our guide told us (after we toured the caves!) that after the earthquake in Mexico a while back, stones have been dropping.....Good to know!

Birds cover the rocks and the 'chicken house' smell was pretty rank as we paddled up to them.  But once we were in the water, the face mask kept the smell out!  And the salt water smell helped too.

Can you see what is on the rocks behind Les?

Yep!  Those brown furry logs you see over his shoulder are sea lions and seals!  How cool was that!

Up close and personal--well as close and personal as we wanted to get after our guide told us that they were kind of like a pit bull.

Here's our group as we prepare to paddle back to our starting point.  I'm not sure how far it was.  Maybe a mile or so?

Les complained that I'm not an even paddler.  My left arm is much stronger than my right and we were veering left continually--so he says!  And I was holding back on that side!!!  I guess I don't know my own strength.

It was cloudy and the water was cold.  I was glad for the wet suit.  In spite of the lovely silhouette it provided!

That's why we posed for pictures in a superhero stance!

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