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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Up Here

Besides chasing snakes and such..... By the way, let the record show I wanted to release the snake to live a full life outdoors but he was a bit damaged from repeated draggings from corners and such..... And no one else in the snake wrangler group was in favor of  'live and let live!'

Molly's in Romania on her seems-to-be annual mission trip with a group from our church.  They left last Thursday.  Why I haven't reminded you to pray for them before today is beyond me!  She messaged us on Facebook yesterday and said she's fallen in love with a little gypsy girl named Adriana and wants to bring her home.  You do know that someday Les and I will have a ton of adopted global grandchildren don't you?

The group is due home next Thursday.  I sure miss her!  I'm so thankful for the internet and Facebook!  We get to see new pictures of her daily even though she's on the other side of the world!  If you would like to visit the website here is the address.  New pictures are posted daily.

Now about Sarah's upcoming wedding!

I don't know how much to share because some things need to be a surprise--I mean after all, why come to the wedding if I've shared everything about it here, right?  This has to be both the most stressful and fun thing I've ever done!  And Sarah and Jake have done lots of planning, it's not like I'm having to do it all.  It's the deciding part.....and the spending part....probably mostly the spending part!  We have a fixed amount of money to spend--Les says when it's gone, it's gone!  The reality is, most of that money is spent on just a few things--the dress, the invitations, and food!  And we are going simple!

Thank heaven for Dollar Tree and our thrift store ways!  We bought a whole box of fall leafy stuff this week from Dollar Tree before it even hit the shelves, and we are in the process of finding reception table decor in cheap and free places!

I've made one bridesmaid dress.  Thankfully it doesn't take too much time to actually sew.  It is the fitting that is a headache.....Maybe we will rely on safety pins!  Just kidding, I hope!

Sarah's been doing some research in a book I found at the thrift store!  It's a 1953 guidebook for marriage!

I'm sure she's learning a lot from it!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Dawn, I wish you lived down the street. I think I'd love to hang out at your house.
I'm excited about Molly's trip to Romania! We may have talked about this before (my brain is deteriorating in the SC heat!) but I have friends who just finished up a missions post there--and LOVED the gypsy kids they got to know.

How exciting to plan a wedding! Congratulations!
:) Becky

PS I never order from Pottery Barn, but I LOVE getting their catalog! I read it like a magazine!

Freckled Hen said...

Sounds likeyou are up to all kinds of fun-I just read your snake post below and have a shiver stuck in my spine.
I'll say a prayer for both your daughters, having one traveling and one planning a wedding--I'll say a prayer for you, too!

Laura said...

Awww...planning a daughter's wedding! Sounds like fun that this mother of four sons will never have. Enjoy!

One of my students has been on a mission trip to Romania and said the same thing about the gypsy kids. Sweet.

We started in Oklahoma. Whereabouts are you? Thanks for visiting my blog!

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