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Friday, August 13, 2010

End of Summer

Sarah and Molly have been home (I guess you could call it that) together for the last time this summer.  We've been busy doing....well, I don't know what we've been doing and the summer's gone and we didn't do what we planned to do!

The girls have been in and out alot--actually out more than in. Things have been left out, undone and messy! I'm tired of the mess but in a couple of weeks, it's all going to be gone!

No more cereal bowl, computers (well, maybe mine) books, glasses, junk left on the coffee table.

No more used makeup sponges, dirty cups, hair paraphernalia, change, or id cards, strewn across the bathroom counter.

No more unmade beds, piles of clothes (clean, kinda clean, not clean, don't know) mismatched shoes and stuff scattered around the bedrooms.

Man, I'm gonna miss it!


Paula said...

and the sad thing is one daughter is leaving your home for...good.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

If you can solve ALL THAT just by sending your girls back to school, you are a FAR better mom than I ever was!!!

Besides, now that we are empty nesters, I notice MORE the messes that hubby dear leaves behind - - - like on the coffee table and shoes all over this house!

Marilyn said...

If you keep everything put away, you are far better than I am. I learned that the true slobs are the Rancher and I and you know what...It really doesn't matter. Of course YOU are organized and don't created the messes that we do.

Andi said...

My sick kid is mad that summer is nearly over, because she will be mad if she has to miss the first day of school....She only likes the first and last day, so how terrible if she has to miss it!

Sarah Castor said...

Haha! I'm glad your going to miss our messes! And you know I have to tell you that you did a fabulous job not driving us crazy about cleaning stuff this summer! Thanks! Love you!

Relyn said...

OH, you are going to miss it. I'll be thinking of you as you are busy letting go. I know it's hard.

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