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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey Nonny, Nonny, Hey Nonny Ho!  

It's Saturday.  I know you're on pins and needles and the edge of your seat and all that about the potential winner of this here giveaway.  

I'm on pins and needles because what if I just perpetuated one of those internet hoaxes and this isn't really a giveaway, but a bad joke on you and me!  I researched it.  I googled it.  I contacted my giveaway contact person a couple of times.  Perhaps I'm a bit ummmm, let us say, perhaps skeptical of anything internet related although I LOVE it.  And I love email, and blogging and anything tech related.  But I'm a librarian--I'm a professional skeptic!

But I digress.  You're here cause you hope you won a prize!  Am I right?  

Being professional, I took all the names off the comment forms and listed them on a slip of paper and numbered them.  Do you think this is how PW does it?  

Then I went to Random.org and told it how many numbers and it generated a number for me all fair and square like.

And so the winner of the CSNstores.com Giveaway (presuming it's for real, ya know!) is #3--Domestic Diva!

Sorry that some of you have checked repeatedly this Saturday all for naught!  (can you tell I'm in a medieval phraseology mood today? )

BTW, If I didn't pick you--blame the Random.org thingy!  Heehee!

Now, go have a fantabulous weekend and go to church tomorrow!


Marilyn said...

Oh No, You didn't pick me...Your own mother. Bwah.......

Andi said...


I suppose I will begrudgingly comment Domestic Diva...But I won't like it!!!

Laura said...

It was just fun remembering all the gifts we received and who gave them to us. How many of them I still have and use or have stored in a cabinet, even after 4 moves.

Paula said...

Now Domestic Diva needs to tell us what she gets!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yey, Domestic Diva!
And yey, you, for all this fun. :)

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