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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Gifts I'm Still Using--Functionality

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You, my dear readers, have been asked to share what wedding gifts you are still using after all these years!  I'm excited to read what you share and it's interesting to know what gifts stand the test of time!  Is it because the gift was functional, nostalgic, beautiful or just something you have loved despite use or fashion?

My Grandma Irene has given me some wonderful gifts over the years. She loves beautiful things but is not sentimental.  Her wedding gift to Les and I twenty five years ago is something we use daily.

It is Faberware Stainless Steel Cookware.  She has given all of her grandkids a set of this for a wedding present and it's still in use in our households!  It isn't the terribly expensive, but it is good quality. 

Come back tomorrow to see my 'nostalgic' wedding gift!

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Delyn said...

Oh my goodness -- we have this set, too!! Also a wedding gift at our shower in Laverne!!


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