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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Where Hast Thou Gone, Oh Summer of Mine?

Dear Summer,
It seems each year that you promise more and deliver less.  Wasn't it just a few months back that you promised to be with me for many more days?  You beckon and tease me in th spring, saying 'just you wait, this will be the best one ever,' only to swiftly depart.

We had such great plans to do stuff together, Summer, you and I.

Remember when we were going to make all that jam, not just dump the whole fruit in bags in the freezer for someday.  We also promised each other to finish three bridesmaid dresses that actually fit the bridesmaids.  You promised it would be a breeze. You even led me to believe we'd get around to some of those other half-finished crafty things stashed in the closet.

We started out great together.  Vacation in San Diego was wonderful.  A week of sun and beach and sky and sea.

"This is just the beginning," you whispered in my ear.  "This lovely week is just a sample of the fun we will have for the next few months."

Summer--somehow you bogged me down in piddly projects that never amounted to anything.  You distracted me from gardening by squandering my days with idle wishing.  You kept me from my sewing by filling my head with thoughts of 'can't do.'

I can't even begin to list the books I haven't read,  the places I haven't gone, or the relatives I haven't visited that you and I talked about last May.

One more week, Summer.  That's all we have.  One more week to read three shelves of books.  Seven more days to visit assorted relatives.  1/4 of a month to finish dresses and make untold batches of jam and jelly.

Then you're gone.  You and your empty promises.


Andi said...

That liar. I feel the same way...Telling me what I want to hear, but never following through!

Relyn said...

Yes. Oh, yes, I know. I officially go back to work on Monday. The kids start one week later. I guess that means I have one day left. Bummer.

♥Georgie♥ said...

Summer has been teasing me and giving me promises for years...next yr I just may break up with summer...

Marilyn said...

Believe me, when it is all said and done......It may not be summer that keeps you from doing all of those things. Talk to the Rancher!!! Dreams and plans are wonderful though and they keep us going.

Paula said...
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Paula said...

but now you have that burst of energy that comes when you realize a deadline is near right? So get busy already

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