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Thursday, October 07, 2010

A N D ....We have a Winner!

Number four--Andi--You are the winner of the book, Head in the Clouds.  Really, I do not have these giveaways to give books to my sisters.  It just seems to work out that way!  So, Andi, I'll deliver this to you Saturday night at the personal Shower!

Apparently my Head has been In the Clouds...or somewhere this week.  Cause I totally forgot I was going to draw for this on Monday!

I guess I've been so busy wallowing in self pity I forgot to read what I wrote....

Thanks for putting up with my whining.  Thanks for all the encouraging words.  I appreciate them more than you know.

 You know, we women have so many issues that affect our mood from day to day.  Outside stuff like work and church and kids.  And inside stuff like monthly hormonal issues and age related hormonal issues....

So.  I'm done with all that now (for this month).

Please ignore the ugly background in this picture but I had to show you this amazingly enormous spider web--it stretched from the fence to the house--about 14 feet and from the ground to the eaves.
Talk about industrious!  

And did I say--I l-o-o-o-v-e my Iphone--if it were a man and I weren't married, I'd marry it.  Oh wait, that's corny!  Forget I said that!  

Anyway--I've downloaded  a camera app called Hipstamatic and it takes pictures with super cool effects--you know the ones.  The ones you were tired of with your old cheap camera back in the day.  The accidental effects your old cheap camera produced.  Well, now, nostalgia has set in and those 'cheapo, weird, you never know what you're gonna get' shots are back!

Have a terrifically wonderful rest of the week!


Paula said...

Congrats to Andi!!! I am expecting her to share because I did when I won.

Praying for you all during this exciting time!

Love love love you!!!!!

Andi said...


Taylor said...

You were my COW this week :)

One Last Thought.......

Pleasant words are a honeycomb;
sweet to the soul and healing to the body.
Proverbs 16: