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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life--It's a bowl of Cherries!

I'm sitting here on Saturday, contemplating life and the stuff that makes it.  I've been struggling all week with my computer--the virus scan shuts it down and when I tried to 'fix' that I almost shut it down for good!  It had to restart several times to fix what ever I fixed and I was sweating it and thinking perhaps I love my computer too much.  

Blogging via iPhone is not very doable for me cause I'm a bit wordy.  Well, not lately cause I think overeating over the Christmas holidays perhaps stifled all of my creative juices.  

The other thing that I'm struggling with is our old dog.  She has a new lease on life and has started eating again and frisking around and wetting on the floor.  Which means she gets to go back in the kennel all of the time when we are not at home and at night where she barks.  And barks.  And barks.  I'm thankful I'm hearing impaired.  Les is not!  Daisy's lying behind my chair tonight as I type this and smelling like she's perhaps already dead inside.  In little spurts and bursts if you know what I mean.  Ick.  

But in Other News::

I went with a friend to a nearby town to visit the thrift stores today.  Really, I'm not kidding...

Anywhoo, the shelves were a little bare but I found (oh goodness, did anyone else notice I typed the words 'bare' and 'but' right next to each other?  Perhaps I work with adolescents too much??)

An extremely tarnished silver bowl, a bag of cherries and some sticks that have been made into colored pencils.  Can you stand it???  

I think those cherries look good enough to eat in that photograph!

Yes, indeedy!

Life is a bowl of Cherries!


Andi said...

Why, no! No I did not notice you posted bare and but next to each other...And I'm a nurse. I see way too many of those things.

Paula said...

I love those pencils...and yes bare but made me giggle.

Taylor said...

Ha! Funny! I guess you do work with teens too much! :)

Marilyn said...

I wish I had time to go to the fun stores while I am there, but I amafraid I would get lost in time and forget the real reason I am in that town.

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