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Monday, February 07, 2011

Dear Diary

 Did you ever have a diary when you were in grade school?  I did and I threw it away when I rediscovered it as an adult.  It was pitiful.  And silly.  Some of the things I wrote down....as if that tiny little lock and key (firmly attached to the diary of course) was going to keep any of my secret safe!  I told too much!

Kind of like I sometimes do on this here blog!

I found this sweet little diary at the thrift store.  I loved the little girl on the front and the sweet bluebirds on the back!


I knew I wanted this cute little thing when I saw the cover.  Then I opened it up and it was virtually unwritten in and I could envision giving it to my someday granddaughters whom will of course be prolific, wonderful writers.  It only had one entry, written in pencil on January 1:  

Not an auspicious beginning to the New Year, I'd say!  Maybe I won't give this to my (currently non-existent) granddaughters.  This both cracked me up and creeped me out at the same time.

What happened to this bad girl?  What did she do?  Why did she only write one entry?  It is so faint--maybe she disappeard.  Maybe she never really existed at all.........



Keetha Broyles said...

Does it say "I rites bad"? If so - - - maybe she was such a bad writer that she never continued!!!

I too kept a "tiny key" diary when I was in Jr. High or so - - - I hope it is long gone and that I NEVER find it again. I'm pretty sure I was sillier than you say you were.

Fun post!

Freckled Hen said...

That's kind of sad! I still keep a journal which is sad as well, as it usually says things like "made meatloaf for dinner". That's worth writing about isn't it?

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