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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A long forgotten recipe

Sarah and Jake went to my parent's house last weekend and spent a few days with them.   While Jake helped Grandpa Wayne feed cattle, Sarah went to town with Grandma Marilyn and Great-Grandma Irene.  They had lunch at the Tiger Hut, where Sarah indulged in a hamburger and onion rings.  My mom remembered me making onion rings in high school and told Sarah how good they were!  

Sarah and Jake came over to the house this afternoon and, well, really the indulgence that follows, it was all Dr. Ruth's fault.  We were watching tv (actually, they were watching, I was reading a darn good book) and the show, The Doctors, had Dr. Ruth as a guest on there.  And for some reason, she had an onion ring in her hand.  I glanced up about that time and said, "Yum.  That onion ring looks really good."  Then Sarah told me about Grandma remembering my onion ring culinary experience.  

Which I had forgotten about.  Then I remembered a packet of High school Home Ec recipe cards my mom had recently given me and wondered if that recipe was in there.  And Eureka!  There it was.

(Fun fact of the day--Eureka literally means "I have found it!"  and is attributed to the Greek mathematitian and physicist Archimedes when he discovered/understood water displacement)

So the rest of the family went to the store and purchased onions and hot dogs so we could have chili dogs with our homemade onion rings!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (house) while rummaging in the fridge to see what I could see, I found some jalapeño peppers and diced them up to make Texas Toothpicks!

The onion rings and jalapeños were delightfully delicious!

Onion Ring Batter
1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons Flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 Tablespoons oil

Mix ingredients.  Dip the sliced onions ( I used two sweet onions and sliced them in 1/4 slices) into the batter. Be sure they are evenly coated.  Drop into hot oil and stir to separate.  Cook till golden brown and remove to a paper towel covered plate.  Salt to taste.


I'm so glad Mom remembers the stuff I forgot!


Marilyn said...

I am glad that you found the recipe and glad that you made them. Yum, sounds so good and especially with the Jalapenos.

Taylor said...

Yum!! That looks great!

Relyn said...

YUM!! Oh, my family is hoping I'll try this one soon.

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