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Monday, March 07, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

I made chicken tonight.  It was yummy.  I dipped it in butter, then rolled it in a mixture of bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and ranch dressing mix, then baked it.

Where did I get the recipe?  I stole it.  Yep.  I was trying to decide what to make for supper and I remembered there was a display of books for sale in the teacher's lounge.  So I nonchalantly strolled in there, looked through the cook book on the display and snapped a couple of pictures of recipes with my iphone.  I feel so much better with that confession off my chest.

I care not a whit about Charlie Sheen.  Or the rest of Hollywood.  Right now the tv is creating background noise via Entertainment Tonight.  The little bit I have watched of it has me really concerned about the fact that we (society, not my family) are so enthralled with self-centered, narcissistic people.  The hostess has had one two many facelifts.  She looks kind of like a kitten.  I'm not sure why--something about her eyes.  Oh wait.  ET's talking about Dancing with the Stars now(they redeemed themselves a bit with that!).  Woot!  It will soon be on again!!!

My husband is leaving me.  He's going to Africa.  What is it with my family and their missionary ways?  Going hither and yon to the ends of the earth.  I kid--I don't feel called to foreign missions (it might be cause my fingers are in my ears) but I'm really proud of Les and Molly for going far away from all that is comfortable and familiar to share Jesus.  Our church is sponsoring an orphanage in Kisii, Kenya and a group is going to teach, preach and build.

I found this neat graphic demonstrating the immensity of the African continent just the other day.  I had no idea that you could fit all those countries in there and still have a bit of room left over!  This came from the Information is Beautiful website.  

I'm really kind of hungry for cake.  A big piece of two layer cake smothered in icing--preferably yellow with coconut icing.  What's up with that?
Spring Break is NEXT WEEK!  I'm soooooooooo looking forward to it.  Except for the "Les being gone" part.  But Molly will be home and we have a week of nothingness to look forward too!

p.s.  I just realized--I'm a thief (recipe), judgemental (ET) and a glutton (the cake).  Should I have called this blog "The Confessional?"


Andi said...

what a fun post! I don't care what you call it. I call it fun!

Keetha Broyles said...

Wow! I KNEW Africa was huge, but this graphic really makes one realize how enormous it really is!

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