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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Plans for Spring Break--Thwarted!

You know how it is when vacation is coming up--it stretches long and luxuriously ahead of you with scads of free time and an unlimited supply of personal energy to accomplish mountains!

The reality is not so much like that!  Molly and I did spend an enjoyable few days at my parents house in the country.  We had a lovely supper with Les' family one evening where everyone was there but him.  I had a great time assisting Sarah in a photo shoot and came home to Molly's delicious supper of Chicken Parmesan.

What I was going to do--
In the backyard I was going to dig up an unwanted shrub, move some that were too big, rake up the mulch on the path and make the garden bigger, scatter some new dirt on the old garden and fill in some holes by the fence, clean off the back porch and pile the stinky, buggy firewood by the gate to be hauled away.  I will have lots of energy for endless outdoor projects!  And Stamina!  And Fitness!

What I did:  scattered some ant poison on the flower bed, cleared off some dead stuff and cleaned off the back porch and got Josh to mow for me (really for Les!)

In the house:  Clean my shower really well and eradicate forever the icky grunge on the grout.   Clean, clean and decorate for spring!  Paint Molly's bathroom, sew, quilt, craft. I will have endless time for all the stuff I want to start and even perhaps finish!

What I did?  Ummm, sorta cleaned the bathroom and ran the vacuum once.  Oh and I dusted the living room.

And I added some shelves to my closet!  Please do not look too closely at the finished project!  The measurements were ALMOST accurate and that one board is not really as warped as it appears (well, yeah it's even worse actually)!  But I doubled my shoe shelf space all by myself!  I used the circular saw and everything!

I do however have a sore back (twisted wrong in the shoe moving...), ugly and sometimes bleeding cuticles (pulling dead stuff out of the flower bed) and a smashed finger (courtesy of the open window that would not shut when the wind turned cold).

And I lost track of how many books I have read, so I guess Spring Break went pretty well!


Crazy Sister said...

Loving the shoe racks! Looks just like my kind of handy work.

Freckled Hen said...

Number of books read is always the safest way to measure success. Congrats on the tool time project and wowzers do you have a lot of shoes.
I'm sad break is over, Monday morning should be fun :)

Paula said...

It sounds like a successful spring break to me.

Andi said...

I'm kind of aghast at the shoe rack before picture, as it looks like my shoes, or Paula's and I'm pretty stinking sure you are way more organized. I can totally see you arranging and labeling your shoe racks with pretty baskets for each pair!

I love that you planned to eradicate the grout mildew forever...If you ever learn that secret let me know!

Marilyn said...

I'm just kinda curious to know, HOW MANY PAIRS OF SHOES DO YOU HAVE!!!!!!
It looks like quite a few to me. Of course I am sure that some of belong to Les. So sad that the break is over. Spring break always went too fast when I worked at school too.

Taylor said...

Looks like a perfectly, relaxing spring break to me! :)

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