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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Years of Easter Memories

My dad (in the front) and his brother digging into their Easter baskets about 1950.  My uncle appears to have a big mouthful of candy!

I'm not sure this is an Easter picture but my mother-in-law has a fetching bonnet and white gloves and the grass is just beginning to green up behind them--Looks like an Easter picture to me! Bonnie, Kenny and my brother-in-law--little Leland!

Easter 1978-ish.  All spring pictures were taken in front of the flowering crabapple in my grandparents yard! Grandma Dolly, Grandad Pat, my brother, David, sister Paula and little sister Andi.  

2011--Grandma and Grandpa  and the grandkids!    Jake, Chris, Daniel and Josh in the back; Bobbi, Bonnie and Molly on the swing; Callie, Kenny and Sarah seated on the ground

We had a wonderful day today.  Church was a blessing and the family time this afternoon and evening was lovely!  

I am so thankful and blessed with my wonderful family.  

And I am so thankful and blessed to have a wonderful Savior who died for my sins. We can celebrate through the years with chocolate bunnies and woven baskets and colorful eggs, but our celebration of Easter would be for nothing without the sacrifice He gave.

You know, I don't often write much of spiritual things on here.  My words seem so inadequate and trite for what my Savior means to me.  My words are so small insufficient for what He did for me.  

Hope your Easter was filled with spring delights and with the heart knowledge that our Savior is Risen!  


Marilyn said...

Hope your day was blessed. Wonderful pictures.

Crazy Sister said...

I love that first picture. Their hair, their jackets... it's perfect.

Andi said...

Is that the house in Buffalo? This looks totally unfamiliar. Was it before the house was stuccoed or something? And how did you get all of those pictures of Dad as a kid?

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