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Monday, May 23, 2011

Read This Book! Promises to Keep

When Roz and her family discover a strange old lady on their front porch one morning, they have no idea of the great impact she will have on their family!

Tillie is the former owner of the house whose children have consigned her to a nursing home and now she is determined to leave and return home.  Eventually, they allow her to move in with them and she is literally a God-send, fixing meals, baby-sitting and handing out advice while Roz' newly single mom works.

This is a story of a single mom who flees an abusive husband to save the lives of her children.  It is a story that deals with racism, run-aways and extended and created families.  This is the story of a man so desperate to get his family back, he will do anything.

Read Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock.  This story will resonate with you for a long time.

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