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Monday, June 13, 2011

News of the Day

We are back from our cruise--Vacationing is exhausting.  Vacationing with 30 some other people in your group is exhausting.  Frantically running from one point of interest to another that you are afraid you'll never see again  is exhausting.  Vacationing with an ear infection, perpetual clogged nose and sometime cough is especially exhausting.

But we did have us some fun!  More fascinating details and pictures will soon follow!

Molly is engaged!   Les received a text from Josh while we were gone wanting to meet with us for lunch.  So we dragged our tired selves out of bed this morning at 11:00 and met him for lunch where he asked our permission and assured us that he will take care of her.  Then he went to the park to complete his plan.  The sweet boy and his mom spent our 105 degree afternoon filling the fence with cups to spell out his request.  Then he took her out to supper and took her on a paddleboat ride (blind folded!) to the fence.

Facebook!  The picture above was taken by our local severe weather guy and posted on Facebook.  It was kind of fun to read the comments and play by play by him and another person that was there!

Now, it's off to bed I must go before I collapse here!  Good night all!


Paula said...

We are so excited for Molly and Josh. I had just logged on to FB when you first commented on the picture. It was so fun to read along as it all unfolded.

Crazy Sister said...

Welcome back!

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