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Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Weather Has Been Crazy! Redux

Back in May, I wrote about our crazy weather here in Oklahoma.   The craziness continues, let me tell you.  We have had a record heat wave--the temperature hasn't been below 100 degrees for days.  Since June 1st, Woodward has had 47 days of 100+ temperatures.   Couple that with lack of rain and we are in a drought that forecasters say are as bad as conditions were in The Dust Bowl days.  In fact it is the driest year since record keeping began in 1895!

Thankfully the weather pattern broke this last week.  The temperatures went down and we've had some severe storms across the state.  Not thankful for the storms of course but for the coolness and rain we've received because of them.

The girls and I went shopping the Oklahoma City early this week.  Molly had a doctor checkup and we decided to take the opportunity to do some preliminary wedding dress shopping.  (Did I tell you?  She's engaged!)  As we headed home, we were called and texted by our family to check the weather apps on our phones and try to go around a big storm brewing--in just about every path we could take home!  

Anyways, we found a relatively clear route and bypassed the storm but were treated to the lovely scenery that cloud formations provided.  

Along with the rain, you can also see the brown dirt blowing.  

And smoke!  The lightning set off some prairie fires!  

And I just noticed in those pictures above--don't you think the middle of those kinda looks roundish and tornado shaped.......

Glad I didn't notice it on our journey home!


Andi said...

I think when people are in that "moment" they often get wrapped up in the awesomeness of the weather and overlook things like lowering clouds...The kind that lead to the tornadoes! Great pictures. I knew you were in town that day, but didn't ever turn the tv on, so had no clue of what was happening up North of us! And, we didn't get a drop of rain out of it. Just frizzy hair and sticky skin!

KiteFlyer said...

I saw my Okla. friends posting on Facebook about scattered lawn furniture and debris in their yards, but none of them said anything about the cause. Glad you made it safely.

Freckled Hen said...

Happy it rained but sad you had to earn it the hard way! Hope soft gentle rains are in your forecast!
Congrats to your daughter...

Travis Erwin said...

I fell you it's been the same for us here in the TX panhandle.

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